"Personal Pilates Training for all levels of fitness, all ages"

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I offer you the special combination of personal training and Pilates to bring you a fitness experience designed just for you. My private studio in Los Altos affords me the opportunity to teach on a one-to-one or duo basis and tailor each session to your specific needs and goals. Regardless of your age and current level of fitness, Pilates can help improve your strength, flexibility and coordination. It's the perfect combination of body conditioning and injury prevention.

Many of my clients are age 50+. Reformer Pilates adds the element of strength training, with balance and flexibility--a must for keeping strong and limber as we age! I also offer small group classes in balance and movement, cardio conditioning, TRX, stretch and flexibility.

I am a STOTT ™ Pilates trained instructor and my approach is geared toward providing a challenging and energizing workout. Throughout the 55-minute session, I utilize several pieces of equipment. I believe variety is the key to building strength and keeping your attention flowing.

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